California Medical Provider Network

The Patriot Risk Services Medical Provider Network provides injured workers’ primary treating and specialist physicians experienced in treating work-related injuries and illnesses. These physicians are available to provide prompt and appropriate medical care, and understand the intricacies and rule of the California workers’ compensation system. The Medical Provider Network also includes physical and occupational therapists, diagnostic imaging facilities and other ancillary services to ensure the entire scope of an injured workers’ medical care needs are met.

Patriot Risk Services Medical Provider Network identification number: 2291

To search for a provider by location or specialty, or to access a complete roster of all treating physicians with the Medical Provider Network, click here.

Patriot Risk Services provides a Medical Access Assistant to assist injured workers in locating a physician of their choice within the Medical Provider Network, or to help with scheduling a appointment with the selected physician. The Medical Access Assistant may be contacted by calling (888) 777-2285 option 2.

The Patriot Risk Services MPN Contact is available to assist injured workers in arranging an MPN Independent Medical Review pursuant to Labor Code section 4616.4, or to address questions or complaints regarding the Medical Provider Network. The MPN Contact may be reached by phone at (888) 777-2285 option 2 or by email at