Patriot Risk Services along with our workers' compensation carrier partners are dedicated to resolving claims in an efficient and timely manner.  To serve you better, Patriot Risk Services can accept claims 24 hours a day by phone (866) 479-1554, fax (321) 206-4525 or email claims@patnat.com.

In order to submit your claim electronically, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Select the State in which the injury occurred by clicking on the
    map or
  2. Enter information directly into the First Report Of Injury (FROI) form.
  3. Once you’ve completed the information save the document, either by clicking the Save icon or selecting File on the menu and Save As to name the file as you wish. 
  4. Submit the completed FROI via email to claims@patnat.com or via fax to (321) 206-4525.

Signifies a state owned workers' compensation insurance program. Claims in these states must be reported directly to the state department of insurance.

Important: Some versions of Adobe Acrobat may display a general "submit" button. This button only appears on some versions and is not programmed for these forms. Please follow the instructions above to ensure your workers' compensation FROI form is received and processed .If you have any questions, please contact one of our Regional Claims Offices.

How to Report a Claim?

(866) 479-1554
(321) 206-4525

Regional Claims Offices

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